Training Schedule

We train not only on the boat but also on land and in the pool. That's how champions are made.

Boat Training

Every Friday and Saturday
Katara Beach

Land Training

Every Wednesday
Al Bidda Park

Pool Training

Every Sunday
Hamad Aquatic Center

Who We Are

Masterpiece Dragon Boat Team was formed in June 2016 with 11 pioneer paddlers and has since then grown steadily in terms of its members and supporters. It is the newest addition to the growing number of dragon boat enthusiasts in Qatar. They are guided by their Head Coach Gerald Monzon and a few elected staff positions in Administration, Finance, Coaching and Sponsorship. There are currently 45 active members in the team.

In only a span of 10 months as a team, with just 20% experienced paddlers and 80% newbies, The team became champion in the  Open 200m Standard Premier League  in the recent Qatar Dragon Boat Festival held on March 10, 2017. We took 1st place in the Mixed 200m Standard Premier category.

The Team trains 3 days in a week during off season and 5-6 times a week during race season. Masterpiece is a competitive team that aims to be at the top level and to serve as a benchmark and measure of a strong and tough dragon boat team and a worthy opponent. The team accepts the toughest challenge whether it be during training or actual race, hence our slogan: We Train Hard, We Play Hard!

Masterpiece is a non-profit organization that has been initiated primarily to encourage and inspire the Overseas Filipino Community to enhance human potential by promoting the importance of good health by means of exercise, support, friendship and fun through the sport of dragon boat.

Our Mission and Vision

MP Strives to build a core squad that will train on land and paddle on the boat together. The team aspires to compete successfully on the local and international front; hence its members continue to dedicate themselves to a training regime that focuses not only in the technical and physical aspects of the sport but also in the collective teamwork and values. For the love of the sport, MP fosters its players to develop its competitive edge, while maintaining the spirit of camaraderie among the entire dragon boat community. Along with the commitment to provide support for the welfare of unfortunate and distressed OFWs and to help the Filipino community both in Qatar and in our home country, The Republic of the Philippines.

Meet our Leaders

They help us bring out the best in us.
Gerald Monzon

Gerald Monzon

Head Coach & Team President

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Omar Ortiz

Omar Ortiz

Men's Team Captain

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Bennet Manlutac Tulod

Bennet Manlutac Tulod

Women's Team Captain

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Jano Lindo

Jano Lindo

Coaching Staff

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Get in Touch

For updated training schedules and events

Friday Boat Training Location

Katara Beach, just right across St. Regis Hotel Doha

Call or text

Gerald Monzon | Head Coach
+974 6693 8287