We are Masterpiece Dragon Boat Team. We are comprised mostly (but not limited to) of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) working in Doha, Qatar. We encourage, welcome and accept any nationality to join our team. As of January 2019, we have 95 active members and we continue to grow each and every month.

We train at least four times a week, Fridays and Saturdays’ morning boat training, Sunday night pool training and Wednesday night land training.

Our head coach, Gerald Monzon has been paddling since 1999 and one of the most experienced dragon boat paddlers, as well as a pioneer member and coach of the first ever dragon boat team in Doha, Qatar.

We have many championship titles under our belt as we are proud to say that we are one of the strongest and most competitive teams out there.

We strive to always be the best and to be on the top that is why we take training seriously and we put a lot of effort and commitment to the sport. We are all passionate about this sport and we consider ourselves not just a team but a family as we also know how to have fun and relax from time to time.

We hope to see you soon and paddle with us. We accept everyone from all walks of life, any age or fitness level, any nationality as long as they’re up for the challenge and willing dedicate themselves to the team’s trialing and activities to also help and contribute in achieving the team’s goals. Together, we will become stronger!

We are Masterpiece Dragon Boat Team, we train hard, we play hard!